Krämerbrücke 12 · Haus zur Halben Kanne (House of Half Jug)

... and by appointment   :-)

Unique building

... the village within the city

The historically unique Krämerbrücke is located on the oldest trade route between Eastern and Western Europe, the Via Regia. 32 half-timbered houses line the only fully built bridge in Europe.


Traditional handcraft

… clocks tick differently here

In my shop you can find out how a teddy bear is made from up to 23 pieces of fur, wood and sheep wool, cardboard disc joints and a lot of accessories according to the traditional craftsmanship.


22 square meters

... over the river

I love this bridge. The magic of the place slumbers in the old sandstone arches, in the crooked nooks and crannies of the small shops and galleries and in the leisurely moving water.


... 360 degrees and nice weather

The artists and shopkeepers of the bridge invite you to a virtual visit to their workshops and shops.

... the best is good enough

i use high-quality viscose and mohair fabrics, wood woll and glass eyes made in germany.

... and already fell in love

From the shop window, the bridge bears follow the hustle and bustle and keep an eye out for you.