Welcome to Tilibom

Accompanying the creation process of a bear with care, precision and a love of detail and to awaken an enchanted smile on the face of the beholder, that is the fascination of what I do. Here at the magical place, the Erfurt Krämerbrücke, I make my bears – soulful creatures who at some point meet their very personal human being.

childhood memories

…to be young at heart

Since its invention in 1902, the teddy bear has symbolized the ideal of a carefree childhood – a friend for life.

22 square meters

…over the river

My ›bridge bears‹ see the light of day in the smallest shop workshop on the historically unique Krämerbrücke.

madly in love

…and the store is closed?

The online shop is currently being revised. However, we can also make an appointment outside of the opening times. Just ring the bell :-)