about me

Old School

Born in Erfurt and raised with close ties to my hometown – including the Krämerbrücke – I sewed as a child with the help of my parents. Even then, my self-made creatures were my favorite ... :-)


Much later, after 25 years as a graphic designer, which I spent (too) often in front of the screen on my design projects, the desire grew in me to do manual work again.

Do what you love

It was important to me to create lovable and ›soulful creatures in a relatively slow, purely manual process.


The fact that they ultimately became bears is probably due to the long tradition and deep symbolism inherent in these creatures. No toy symbolizes the ideal of a sheltered and carefree childhood more typically than a teddy bear.


›Golden George‹ 2023 Master-Class

1st place in the category

›Classic teddy bear international‹ 

Nomination in the category
›Classic German Teddybear‹

›Golden George‹ 2021

1st place in the category

›Classic teddy bear international‹ 

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›Golden George‹ 2020

Nomination in two categories

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Euro Teddy 2019

1st place in two categories

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Teddy- and Puppenfest Sonneberg

German Open 2019

1st place ›Classic Teddybear‹